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Access control systems are the newest method for controlling who has access to your home or business or some portion of it. It could include key entry, or card entry or even biometrics.  These systems also provide an audit trail of who entered, where and at what time. Access control security systems have made an unprecedented jump forward in affordability as well as reliability and they are no longer Just a keypad with one number that allows anyone who knows that number to open the lock. The new age of access control will allow multiple codes. Locks can be programmed to allow access during certain times and days or times of the day Audit trail will allow one to know who and when an entry or exit was made to a door or lock. Access control Systems have also become wireless.

OK Locksmith Company been at the forefront of this technology and we can assist you in determining your exact needs, installing the hardware and training your staff.  We also keep an eye to the future, by making sure your system will not only meet your needs now but will offer expandability as your needs grow.